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Let us tell you all about it !  before you pass it all by !

We are excited to provide creative and informative Yabba audio tour guides that are easy to use on our Free smart App.  Audio Tours that are either Self Guided or GPS Guided with directions.

Our goal is to enhance your travelling experiences along our great drives, visiting a town full of history or that special destination in Australia.  Our Audio Tours are for Drives, Towns and Destinations.

About Yabba Audio Tours

Audio Tour Guide


To facilitate great tourism experiences across Australia by providing creative and informative self-guided & GPS-guided audio tours utilizing the mobile technology on everyone's smart devices.


To be the leading creator and provider of smart audio tours for travellers by regularly innovating and leveraging evolving digital technology.


Words from some of our customers

Now with the Yabba app, I hear about and see more good things on trips. I love the way it just works and knows what I'm passing.

I see more, I learn more and the long drives are less boring! I love the way it allows you to listen to your music and follow map directions, only interrupting when there is something interesting coming up!

Joana Silva

Yabba is just awesome! I drive around the country alot and always feel I am missing great spots. Now that I have yabba running in the background, via my car play, it alerts me when a point of interest is nearby !

Albert Duncan

Mike Chapman

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