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What is a ‘Self Guided’ tour ?

Self-Guided tours are mainly used for specific tourist Drives or Ways which are longer distances. This allows you to go at your own pace and the tour will work in the background telling you about all types if locations as you approach them. The tour will work in either direction.

What is a ‘GPS Guided’ tour ?

GPS-Guided tours are for specific tours such as a town tour or shorter tourist route. The App will give you directions to each location in sequence and will wait for you to tell it to take you to the next location.

What do the CAR / Bike / Walk symbols mean in the App ?

These are suggesting suitable ways to get along and enjoy a particular tour.

Where do I find all the available tours in the App ?

Select “All Tours” at bottom of Welcome Screen. This will take you to a scrollable view of all available tours to download.

Can I stop a "Self-Guided" tour and can I restart later ?

On the Self Guided tours, you can leave the tour at any time by selecting “Exit Tour” and you can simply restart the tour at anytime in the App and it will continue as if you never left the tour.

Where do I find my downloaded tours in the App ?

Your downloaded tours will be available to Start when it suits you on the “My Tours” page in the App.

Can I Stop a "GPS-Guided" tour in the App ?

Yes by selecting “Exit Tour”. You can also jump ahead by selecting “Next Location”. Your tour will be in “My Tours” to start again when it suits you.

Can I make a suggestion or request related to a tour ?

We welcome both feedback and suggestions. At the end of the Tour is a Feedback link… Also you can contact us via this website. The link to Contacts is at the top of this page.

How do we create a tour ?

Research, scriptwriting and narrations by a dedicated team of creative professionals.

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