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Researching Your Australian Adventure

With a plethora of information at your fingertips, researching and organising the itinerary of your adventure in Australia can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to narrow down the route, attractions and locations to visit. Travel apps, such as one focused on Audio Tours are a great option to assist and to release some of the stress and planning. Yabba Audio Tours cover a wide range of locations and subjects. They guide you through different locations while enriching you with knowledge and history about the area, providing a well-rounded experience without removing your autonomy as you can choose to pause the tours as you please.

Australia is a history rich land, teeming with iconic and infamous locations that cover a wide range of subjects and topics. But did you know many locations and subjects can be often missed? They can be overlooked unless someone were to tell you about them.

Let us tell you all about it.

With Yabba Audio Tours, the routes are planned, and the GPS will guide you through the array of locations while subjects and topics are narrated so you can learn and immerse yourself as you move through the designed trail. For example, the Sapphire Gemfields Treasure Trail is a GPS guided tour. The provided directions will guide you through more than 21 distinctive locations through the townships of Anakie, Sapphire and Rubyvale, Queensland. With the GPS technology, you will not get lost and you will not miss out on a unique location.

With a range of subjects, Yabba Audio Tours strive to entertain any traveller, from wildlife fans to history buffs, while providing an opportunity to learn about the locations and sights you visit along the designed trail.

The audio tour subjects include:

Historic Wildlife Indigenous Town Info Industry Conflict Disaster Landscape Who Knew Technology Tour Link Poetry Government

Once you download our app onto your smartphone, available tours will be presented to you. From the app you simply choose the tour based on your location. The app will direct you to our suggestion attractions and locations and wait until you are ready to head to the next spot. Or you can choose self-guided tour options, where the audio begins once you arrive at the location. The app even suggests whether the trail you have chosen is best taken via car, bike, or walking.

With audio tours, much of the research and planning work is done for you, and Yabba Audio Tours curates each tour to create a fuller experience for any traveller in a new location, town, during a drive, or at a destination. Using storytelling and engaging narration, the right audio guide deepens one’s understanding of the attraction and location, providing information, history, and context. Furthermore, we understand it is important for travellers to have the freedom to explore at their own pace. Yabba Audio Tours provide self-guided tours, where travellers can pause the audio and replay in their own time.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to begin exploring the incredible sights of Queensland, Australia with Yabba Audio Tours.


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