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Sometimes the views are too good !

On our travels researching our audio tours we get to see lots of incredible views and places but there are some that mean more to me.

There is something about looking at Uluru that just gets into you as an Aussie. Especially when your daughter is in the shot.

It's hard not to see Uluru and not think of the First Nations peoples that have lived within the surrounds of this magnificent piece of rock for longer than it is hard to imagine.

If it gets to me now how could I explain what it must mean to the locals?

When I was here 20 odd years ago I was more ambivalent to the tourists climbing up the well trodden path to the top, however I am glad they have stopped the climbing as Uluru now seems to be more of a cultural experience just looking at it from this great viewing location.

It's as if it is demanding the respect from me that it deserves and I think it takes me one little step closer to the longest living culture in the world. According to CNN "a new genomic study has revealed that Aboriginal Australians are the oldest known civilization on Earth, with ancestries stretching back roughly 75,000 years."

I'm a proud Aussie !

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